Signup KIEMONO Account :

What do you need to get started?
Attention, this is a brief summary of important information.
  • A mobile phone with WhatsApp running is required for normal operation.
  • Most of the time, our customers simply plug an unused WhatsApp device into the power grid and do not use it for any other purpose
  • The WhatsApp app is running on your device (not in power saving mode), connected to the internet and has a good battery life.
  • It is important to observe the conditions for correct functioning of the bots:
  • Do not use Whatsapp Web!
  • KIEMONO is unofficial and independent of WhatsApp Inc;
  • You agree not to use the KIEMONO service for spam and bulk messaging;
  • By authorizing the phone number (messenger account) in the KIEMONO service, you agree that KIEMONO will have full access to the authorized account in the messenger;
  • KIEMONO has the right to block your access to the service in case of violation of the "Public Agreement" or "Message Content Requirements";
  • Please do not sign in to the WhatsApp web version after you have connected your number to your personal account, this will result in a connection reset and you will have to go through the connection procedure again.